Farhan Ar Rafi

Farhan Ar Rafi

Senior Software Engineer


+ ITEE FE Certified Software Engineer (Android) with 4+ years experience in developing and testing applications.
+ Creating design docs, reports
+ Experienced in developing backend servers written in Java (Spring Boot), PHP (Codeigniter and Laravel) and Python.
+ Moderately strong knowledge of system design, REST-APIs and project management.
+ Research experience in Bengali Geo-wordnet and Geonames.
+ Learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning @ Udacity and Coursera.

Work Experiences

Senior Software Engineer

BJIT | October, 2018 - Present


  • Traning team members
  • Delegating and managing tasks of team members
  • Documentation
  • Code Review and Refactoring
  • Code Optimization

Software Engineer

BJIT | August, 2015 - October, 2018


  • Create design documents according to requirements
  • Write code and test Application
  • Preparing reports, release documents
  • R&D on new and challenging requirements
  • Using AOSP to develop System Applications
  • Debugging applications and fix bugs

Management Trainee (Intern)

Eminence Associates for Social Development | March, 2015 - July, 2015


  • Maintenance and IT Support
  • Prepare documents
  • Assist in Managerial tasks


Bantech Corporation | July, 2011 - December, 2011


  • Planning
  • Keeping record of all financial activities.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software related problems in desktop and Laptop computers.


Geonames Classification for Bengali Geowordnet

December 2015

Bengali Geo-Wordnet focuses on the integration of Wordnet, Geonames and Bengali Language to provide a repository for ever-growing vocabulary and crowdsourced data for use by all linguistic and natural language processing systems. This Research opens an array of possibilities for development of Natural Language Processing Systems in Bengali and other langauges of the same family.

Home Automation Using Android, Firebase and Raspberry Pi

March 2018

This research proposes an easy-to-develop system to control electrical components at home or office using a Real-time system using Raspberry Pi and Android. The proposed system can effectively reduce waste of energy, save cost and add convenience to daily life. The system uses an Android application as the user interface and the Raspberry PI to control and monitor electrical components via GPIO pins. The system is inexpensive, secure, easy to implement and uses open-source technologies.

Realtime Posture Detection and Body Shape Estimation


The purpose of the research was to generate a accurate, dynamic 3D image of a human subject in Real-time without storing data of the subject. The propsed method was to solve the problem of acquiring bodyshape and detecting posture of human subjects. using multiple Kinect cameras. Acquired information can be used to project an accurate body shape for virtual ļ¬tting of clothings.

Personal Projects

Bengali Geonames Software

Q2 2015

I developed this application as part of our reasearch of Bengali Geonames for Bengali Geowordnet.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter(Framework), Bootstrap(UI)

Bengali Geonames Software - Upgraded

Q4 2017

I developed it as the upgraded version of the original software. This version is intented to be more secure, robust and scalable.

Technologies Used: Java, MySQL, Spring Boot(Framework), Bootstrap(UI)

Quiz Application for Pureit program

Q4 2017

I developed this application on request from a potential client as a demo.

Technologies Used: PHP, SQLite, Laravel(Framework), Bootstrap(UI)

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